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soon get involved. and emirates new zealand is now just a win away from advance to go the america's cup final against team oracle usa. what stopped the kiwis >> knew this morning, authorities in floor are investigating just what led a trucking company employee to go on a shooting spree that left two former colleagues dead and two others injured. according to police, the 72-year-old hubert allen junior shot them yesterday at several locations around union county, florida. authorities say allen first shot and killed a 28-year-old former coworker, then went a short distance and fatally shot his 80-year-old former boss. later he shot and wounded two other men before going home and killing himself. >>> new this morning, ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak will be in court today to face retrial in connection with the killing of protesters back in 2011. he was flown by helicopter to a military courthouse this -- from a military hospital to a courthouse this morning. mubarak was released from prison and transferred to house arrest in the hospital. mubarak was found guilty last year for fail
:30 when we check with abc7 news reporter cornell bernard and an update. at 7:00, "good morning america" will have a report from the fire lines after the abc7 news. >> now the new bay bridge where we are a little more than two days away from the closure to get ready for the debut. that closing starts late in the evening on wednesday august 28. it will last for up to five full days over the long labor day holiday. the bridge will re-open by tuesday, september 3rd, the day after labor day. preparations for the closing are underway. we are joined from the toll plaza with more on what is happening. matt? >> three toll lanes are closed over the past weekend so they could put in fast-track only lanes for the new bridge. you can see all the lanes are back only this morning and the work is done. all 9 bay bridge is closed to prepare for the opening of the new eastern span after labor day with no traffic allowed for four days going wednesday night at 8:00 and the closures starts with rolling traffic blocks by c.h.p. on the main roads leading to the bridge with on ramps in oakland and san francis
. there is nothing else i could is done. >> you could see more of the interview on "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 after our newscast. >> from massachusetts, a 71-year-old map is face kidnapping charges after police say he locked a verify try stop employee in a vault because the employee parked on his lawn. this happened on monday outside boston, the remainbly i was working inside the vault at the time and the employee said the home owner started yelling at him to parking the grass and covered the vault and placed heavy rocks on top. the remainly he had his cell phone and called police who freed him. officers later arrested the 71-year-old. >> two female veterans are accusing former congressman and san diego mayor of sexual harassment. one met filner at a women's veterans event a year ago and she is a retired united states master sergeant in the air force and she and a fellow veteran say fee made unwanted sexual vans during a san diego support group meeting for military sexual assault victims. >> we are victims of military sexual assault and it appear he was targeting this organization and
with the lowering clouds over san francisco as we look back to the embarcadero center and you can see the transamerica tower and it will be bright and warmer in the afternoon. we will have lake clouds and coastal drizzle tonight and summer warmth, we have it, most of the weekend. now, the temperatures today compared to average, we are still not quite there for an how of how cool it was last week and through the weekend. livermore is 87 and two degrees cooler-than-average, and oakland is 70 and napa is at 83, and san jose is 78 and san francisco is 64, and redwood city is 76 but you should be at 83. by 9:00 or 10:00, the clouds pull out of the napa, and by none we have thinning of the clouds along the coast. now, we know that 78 in san jose is below average, and we will get closer to the low-to-mid 80's at los gatos but most of the south bay is in the mid-to-upper 70's and the peninsula at millbrae at 67, and low 60's along the coast, and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 77 in san rafael, petaluma, and 76, and everyone else is in the low 80's in the north bay vietnam
beyond the america's cup pavilion over to the richmond-san rafael bridge. it is a gray start. afternoon sunshine and mild temperatures today. briefly warmer tomorrow. and highs will pull back below am as we head through the weekend. we are going to be in the mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay with cupertino and san jose at 79 and mid-80's for los gatos and santa cruz is 74. 70 in millbrae to 77 in los altos and warmer southbound on the peninsula and mid-60's at the coast and to downtown san francisco and south san francisco a couple of degrees warmer at 68 and same with sausalito and ten degrees cooler at the beaches and we will start at 69 in berkeley and warm to 77 in hercules. you will warm southbound at 76 in fremont and we will not hear air conditioning in the east bay valley, mid-to-upper 80's for you. the temperatures are falling in the 50's again with our thickest concentration of clouds around the bay and in the north bay and slightly brighter full of stars in the south bay and over to the east bay valley. while you were sleeping the low pushed off to the north accelerating and
the airlines affected, frontier, men, united jetblue and virgin america. the pass confers were unable to board during the outage. check with the airline before heading to the airport. >> you could be able to lie down flat next time you fly jetblue to new york city. the low-cost care area will offer last seats from san francisco and los angeles to new york with a massage function and 15" tv i. no word how much a ticket will cost but ticket if similar seats on competing airlines sell for $3,000 to $5,000. >> the department of transportation is taking up a new issue it probably never expected to tackle, distracted walking. they announced it plan on creating a new pedestrian safety campaign to raise awareness distracted walking. as we have reported more and more people are walking while texting or listening to music and 1,500 pedestrians went to the emergency room in 2011 after being injured using a smartphone. most deaths occur in urban areas at night. >> from tech titan to media mobile, jeff bezos is calming fears of employees at the "washington post" after it is announced he is buyi
. >> ahead, seven things to know before you g a as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go, number one, the toll bridge committee will announce the opening date for the new eastern span of the bay bridge in a few hours. a tuesday federal official they signed off on a temporary fix for cracked safety bolts for a possible labor day opening. >> hair police say an officer has shot and killed a man armed with a knife after he charged at the officer. police arrived at the apartment complex after a 12-year old girl called 9-1-1 saying her dad was going to kill her mom. >> breaking news in walnut creek police are investigating a burglary attempt at tiffany jewelry store on south main. someone backed a white truck, right there, into the front of the store and police are now looking for two men in a second vehicle, a white chevrolet. >> four, president obama will release a taped statement on the situation in egypt in the next 15 minutes and already this morning supporters are ousted president morsi have set fire to two government buildings in ca
what is coming up on "good morning america." good morning. >> in your neck of the woods, more on the giant wildfire we are covering in yosemite national park. thousands have been evacuated and a state of emergency is declared. we are live in yosemite with the latest. also staying in california, san diego mayor bob figner will officially step down by the end of the month. he's under pressure to leave for weeks, he's finally resigned and now he's the target of a criminal investigation by the state attorney general. plus thousands gather in the nation's capitol to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington of events throughout the day will be held to remember dr. martin luther king, jr. and the civil rights movement in this country. we speak with a woman who was there 50 years ago, back today with her own daughter. >>> and the fun story of the morning. boy band reunites. the bmas are only a day away and it has former '90s preteens going crazy. in sync is on the line-up. we are waiting to find out what they will perform. a favorite one of mine, as well, bye-bye bye,
around since 1958, back then it was the best selling car in america. matthew has been restoring these impalas since high school. >> they are a classic. they are luxury and handle well and great looking. >> it has been redesign many times and over the years it fell on tough times. but for 2014, chevrolet has come out with an all new impala that impressed consumer reports audit to king. >> it is like a luxury sedan, controlled but acceleration is swim and agile for such a large sedan. >> the top of the line version costs around $39,000. it comes standard with advanced safety equipment includeing blind spot monitoring and forward collision warning. that is a big change from the 1958 impala with no seatbelts and of course, no airbags. while old impalas had an a.m. radio the new impala is state-of-the-art radio with a system that has touch screen with good old knobs and buttons, too. >> we have seen big improvement in american cars recently with a lot of successful redesigns and the impala is perhaps the most impressive transformation. >> it outscores lexus and audi that costs thousa
the expert has to say. >> we will check with josh for a look at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good friday morning. were more now on the threat to american embassies and consulates in a dozen predominantly muslim countries, with officials doing everything possible to fined -- find out what the target is. the embassies have been shut down across the middle east and we will have much more on this next right here on "good morning america" next. >> that is in half an hour. >> in the last 20 minutes the food and drug administration announced new regulations for foods labeled "gluten free," carrying the label they must have less than 20 parts more president of -- parts per million. it is now a nearly $1 billion business and the f.d.a. is giving the food industry a year to comply. >> the all stars beginning the quest for a little league world series and is in san bernardino for the western regionals after boating santa cruz. they left for southern california on tuesday and the all stars play arizona state champions today at 4:00, and face teams from maui, utah, and southern california on s
. >> america's pain of record is making it clear it is not for sale and the family that owns "new york times" says in an e-mail to staff it has if plans to sell, secondlation was building all week that "new york times" could be the next one to go on the mark after the sale of the boston globe and the "washington post" and the family that own "new york times" say they plan on continuing the association with the paper for "years to come." they added that the paper is profitable and generates strong cash flow. >> here are headlines in the weather department: split pea soup. >> okay. >> food analogy in the morning is tough. >> trying to think of something more appetizing in the morning but that works. outside, now, it is a soupy start because of the we mist and drizzle. can you see it is just that, not rain, on live doppler 7 hd and we are seeing at the love cloud cover and if you head up to mount tamalpais we can see the sunrise today and you have to go around 2,500 or 2,600' to a great look of sunrise on the way. we will have slow sunshine again probably not as slow as yesterday and you can se
for the fanfest and the giants take on the baltimore orioles at 1:05 and the semi finals of to the america's cup start this afternoon along the embarcadero. >> benicia has decided to prepare an environmental impact report delaying the plan to transfer crude oil by rail to the refinery. the city decided to call for more review after receiving dozens of public comments and conflicting scientific views on the $30 million rail facility project. officials hoped to get approve next month and now the project is not expected to go before the planning commission until december at the usualliest. they ship crude oil to the refinery by boat. >> a murder led to a stand off and fail police shooting in sunnyvale. >> that was police gunfire as they confront add man after a two hour stand off which stated after a man murdered his estranged wife. they were in court on wednesday for divorce proceedings and she filed a restraining order and he owns a metal work company a short drive from the home. >> happening today, mills while students in people bring are scheduled to retake their advance praise placement test a
joins us from new york to tell us what is come up on "good morning america." >> coming up on gma, egypt in chaos. bloody battles in the streets between security forces and protesters leaves over 100 dead. no end in sight for the violence. is a civil war coming? also breaking news, the frantic search is on for over 200 people after a ferry crashed with a cargo vessel. we will have the latest updates on this story coming up. and summer concert surprise. our mcly more concert in central park was full of great music. the one moment you may have missed and didn't make it on air is when a woman decided to pop the big question to her girlfriend at the show. now social media buzzing about it, and the happy couple is here live. that's all coming up on gma. >> new this morning the neighborhood surrounding disneyland may be in for a hotel boom. according to the orange county register, the developers plan to build 14 new hotels near the disney theme park. the first is set to open as early at september. it will add 4,000 new rooms to the region, an increase of 19%. the area has 20,000 hotel rooms. h
resonates today. "let freedom ring." people all across america if their hearts believe that freedom should ring. sell bright -- celebrate today. >> president obama speaks from the steps of the lincoln memorial abc7 news will carry a special report and that is expected some time after our 11:00 average news and you can get updates throughout the day on twitter. >> great educational lesson with lots of kids going back-to-school today. >> ever wonder what the united states would be like if he was still here or if he lived longer? what would be different? >> interesting. >> now a look outside, back to school for some kids and hopefully they will learn about that today. good morning to you. here is live doppler 7 hd and we have mist out this, a little drizzle near the coast, but mostly mist as we compress the main layer and it is almost a thousand' and below. we are trying to cram the moisture into a smaller space so we are dealing with more humidity this morning. wins in fairfield are 23 miles per hour and not as fast as yesterday but it sounds like if they were, there is no embers to be blown
's check in with josh elliott for a look at what's coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> and a good monday morning to all of you. coming up here, a remarkable story of survival. 12-year-old girl, you see her there, attacked not once but twice by a black bear and lives to tell us about it. she's now home with her family, obviously lucky to be alive, discussing it exclusively with us here on "good morning america" this morning, speaking of, also exclusively this morning on gma, lady gaga. lots to get to. shall we? lots to get to next. >> that's, of course, at 7:00 a.m. this story first. an nfl sideline reporter learned the hard way over the weekend that turning your back on the field is not the best idea. fox reporter pam oliver was standing on the sidelines just before yesterday's preseason game between the giants and colts, and take a look at what happened. colts backup quarterback chandler was practicing. he threw a little wide and hit pam oliver right in the head. ow. she laughed off the hit and went back to reporting. later, he apologized to oliver, and said in a
on to change the face of cool. members of the america's cup team representing sweden say they are overcoming their hardship and making tremendous progress for next tuesday's race. art miss racing suffered a rajic loss. a new body had to be shipped in and that, along with other delays, has the team playing catch up for the race against italy's luna rossa. >> you look at day two versus day six, improvements are massive. a lot is going to depend on this weekend, how our training goes, how well we are going to go. >> the winner of sweden versus italy sails against new zealand and the winner of that race faces the defending america's cup champ, oracle team usa, in september. >> the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. abc7 is the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bringa live stream of your local news and all of your gave right abc tv shows. now you never have to miss a minute of the news and the shows you love. watch abc allows you to bring abc7 along with you wherever you want to be. it's a special new pen about fit brought to you by the carrier at
during last area's warm-up races for the 34th america's cup. the boated has weights added to them. the management denies knowing anything. that is not flying with other skippers. >> i know everything about my team. i know every single screw on the yacht. i am surprised. make they are not really on top their team. if they say that. >> the jury investigating the incident can sanction or fine oracle or even take the address dick stem of disqualifying oracle from the america's cup which starts september 7 on san francisco bay. >> the washington state bride would had the wedding carbon stolen on the big day calling 9-1-1 for help, and got in. but not in a way anyone expected >> my wedding dress was stolen. >> your truck? >> no, wedding dress. >> are you getting married today? >> yes. >> what size? >> a three. a three. >> that was an important question because the dispatcher was going to save the day, the 28-year-old woman felt so bad she asked her supervisor if she could offer to lend her own wedding dress, she did, and the day went off without a hitch. we will hear from both l
, lisa. drama at the america's cup. two sail lores swept overboard during competition. we will tell you exactly what happened. and a new lead into the death of >> this morning egypt's interim prime minister is considering a drastic move to end the violence by disbanding the muslim brotherhood. a heavy military presence is on the streets of cairo today. yesterday security officers stormed a mosque where supporters of ousted egyptian president morsi were holdup. the raid follows fears the muslim brotherhood plans to organize another sit-in. violent clashes on friday killed 173 people across the country. more than 800 people have been killed in the last week. >>> how will the u.s. respond to the escalating crisis in egypt? on "this week" george stephanopoulos talks with senator bob corker and house foreign affairs ranking member eliot engel. join george stephanopoulos for "this week" at 8:00 a.m. here on abc7. >>> the implosion of a building in the east way campus at cal state is more than the implosion, it's helping scientists learn about earthquakes. pictures from sky hawk photography sh
in operation since 1922. we will have continuing coverage on the sierra wildfire. "good morning america" will have a report from tuolumne county at 7:00 a.m. right after the abc7 morning news. >> san jose could become the biggest city the state to ban sty row fell food containers at restaurant and the city council will vote on the ban january 1 of next year. officials are said there is no market for recycling plastic foam and most ends up to land fills. the california restaurant association says a ban harms small businesses more than it helps the environment. the city has been providing information to restaurant owners about alternatives. >> in san francisco, plain clothes police supervisors will wear video cameras during property searches to make sure they are following the law. the pilot project comes following questionable drug raids at residential hotels in 2011, and the recent dropped dozens of cases after footage from hotel security videos promised allegations that officers lied about the circumstances of drug searches and arrests. police were accused of stealing from suspects. th
from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning, dan. >> we have some breaking news. the u.n. weapons inspectors, as you have reported, they have departed syria. pentagon now preparing for the possible attack on syria. meanwhile here at home we will tell you how government officials are preparing for possible retaliation. we are on that story. and also as the nfl prepares to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to former players who believe they have health problems because of on-field concussions. what is being done to protect high school athletes? the worried parents and the new rules this morning. plus, lamar odom, star of both the nba and realty tv, now making headlines off court and off-camera with rumors of drug problems and marital problems with chloe kardashian. he's been arrested. and remembering princess diana. sixteen years ago today, hard to believe, she died in the car crash. we will take a look at her image through the years as new details come out about her complex life and tragic death. see you at 7:00. >> i still remember that
to the challengers final. the louis vuitton winner faces the america's cup winner. >> we now know why police opened fire and killed a man in sunnyvale. the police tell abc7 news the man was armed with a nine-inch blade and charged officers thursday on san pedro avenue. police went to the home after the man called 911 and said he had just killed someone a woman's body, believed to be his estranged wife, was found in the home. both of their identities have not been released. >>> governor jerry brown is going to the u.s. supreme court over prison overcrowding. he has officially asked the justices to overturn a lower court ruling that orders california to cut its prison population by 10,000. brown contends violent felons will have to be set free if the order is followed. >> in the first stundy of it's kind, scientists have pinpointed differences in the developing brain that may increase the risk of cognitive disabilities like attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. doctors are now hoping to develop tests that could offer a much earlier diagnosis. abc7 news anchor carolyn johnson reports. >>> born fo
to the america's cup finals. the luna rossa from italy beat the sweden's artemis yesterday. that he means artemis, who really struggle after the death of andrewsome son during a practice run in may, now goes home. >> it's been lots of miles. offered up lots of mixed emotions. pride, enjoyment and also obviously great sadness at the same time. today finishing the competition was another one, and i think there were a few of us who knew andrew well who turned our thoughts to him at the same time. >> the luna rossa will sail in the finals against new zealand for the louis vuitton cup next saturday. the winner of that stage goes on to challenge the oracle usa for the title. it's been a new months since dr. chu left stanford to be the energy secretary. he is back at stanford now to teach and work on a number of research projects. our reporter sat down with dr. chu last week for an interview which coincided with a report by national oceanic and atmospheric administration, or noaa. noaa found 2012 was one of the warmerts east on record globally. >> the former secretary of energy dr. chu served on the oba
morning america" at 7:00. >> josh, great to see you. >> great to see you and talk live with you, great to be here. everyone is watching in the bay area, here on kgo we have a very busy morning to follow up on so many stories you have been covering this morning. we will bring an exclusive interview with the ex-wife of the pop star usher coming in the wake of their son's near fatal pool accident and her resulting failure to win custody of their child at an emergency hearing the she sat down with us and had a lot to say. you will want to stick around for that. also, i don't know if you got a chance to play, we did here in new york, we all tried to win $450 million a tuesdays ago. we all gave so that a few could win and by a "few" i mean the ocean 16, the gang from one office in technology right in the middle of the sandy storm zone all won and seven of the 16 lucky winers join us. it is wonderful to meet them. also, for everyone out this, steph curry not only obviously a great guard for the warriors, but a wonderful human being talking about the humanitarian mission he took to tanzania to
in america and trading is underway on wall street. >> this is the big board right now the dow is off by 24 points and under the 15,000 market. >> but, first, high fire danger in parts of the north bay and how much lo >> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> to the los angeles county town a building has been packed with hazardous chemicals and you can see a fire has burned through, causing part of the building to collapse and fire crews had taken a defensive mode but they are on the ceiling right now and one thing believed to be need the building is cyanide so they pour water on the building and no word on injuries with you we continue to monitor the situation and we will let you know if anything changes. >> as mike has been telling us all morning a red flag warning is extended for parts of the bay area so continued risk of wildfires. we check with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield in the north bay. amy? >> it is dry. look at this path of crispy brush along vied highway 101 we are in san rafael, firefighters say with fuel like this, fires moved quickly a
with an update and at 7:00, we will be on the fire lines for "good morning america" with coverage after the abc7 news. >> in the south bay women are warned to be extra cautious after an attack near santa clara university. matt chemicaller is in santa clara with what we navy the attacker. matt? >> police say the woman was walking near here at santa clara university and the man grabbed her from behind, pushed her in the bushes and attacked her after midnight yesterday morning a block away from the hut, a popular bar with santa clara university students. summer school classes are taking place but police will not confirm if the victim is connected with university. her response is praised. >> she is very, very brief. she cared off the attacker. he would not expect that. very brave. >> here is the suspect, white man, light tap, 6', weighing 200 pounds, and light brain haze el eyes and dirty brown hair. the university sent out an e-mail and voice mail to all the students and letting them know about the attack. ahead of the five day closure several lanes of the toll plaza will be closed starting tonight
morning america" is next. have a great sunday. >>> good morning, america. breaking right now, boardwalk chaos. a lovely saturday evening in venice beach, california, shattered when a driver plows into the crowd. >> that guy's intention was to kill people. >>> from russia with hate. madonna and lady gaga now in the crosshairs of the same official behind the country's controversial new anti-gay law. could the material girl and mother monster actually be prosecuted? >>> hell hath no fury. the college student accused of trying to have her ex-boyfriends killed. she's in court on murder-for-hire charges today. did she try to enlist her new boyfriends to do the deadly deed? >>> the voodoo shark. the man-eating freshwater monster lurking in the louisiana bayou.
stream. >>> good morning, america. breaking new details on the worldwide terror alert. alarming signs of a brand-new al qaeda plot. reports of a big strike and a chilling plan to use surgically implanted bombs. where the urgent concerns are greatest right now. >>> also breaking this morning, alex rodriguez stares down that historic 200-game-plus suspension from baseball but still heading to the ballpark today as he gets set to appeal, setting up what could be a bizarre scene tonight in chicago. >>> nightmare hit-and-run at one of america's most popular tourist spots. caught on tape, the driver plowing into the crowd. new details about the man under arrest. >>> and sharktacular. look at that feeding frenzy. sam plunging in for a scary face-off with some of the
you go. >> as we are ready to hand things off to "good morning america" he are seven things to know. breaking news in the north bay the red cross is helping 25 people find a place to stay after a fire damaged several apartments at the marlow apartments on marlow road. investigators think a barbecue could be to blame. >> federal officials are giving the go ahead to on the bay bridge as originally planned after labor day, the new eastern span, and the federal highway administration says they see no reason to delay the opening while crews worker to fix the bad bolts. the fix can sustain the bridge while they work on a permanent solution. >> city employ ears on strike if hayward are on strike for three days. an impasse in contract negotiations was declared by the city and the two sides have not bargained since. >> we could learn today if the body of a woman found is that missing federal investigator sandra coke who disappeared after last be seen with randy alana an ex-con she once dated. he is held on a parole violation and is considered a "person of interest" in the case. >> the father
. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. >> the san mateo bridge shows spaces between each car westbound to the high-rise. it will take you 15 minutes from hayward to foster city. the golden gate bridge shows a decent drive from a fog filled sausalito to san francisco and to the map, something we do not see during this time of the morning at 61 miles per hour along 580 from tracy to dublin. >> caltran says work is on schedule and the new span will open by tuesday morning. work involves demolition, completion of the road surface at yerba buena island and striping of the new road. >> bart expects to carry more riders than usual today running longer trains and overnight trains through the week. some riders say parking lots are filling up at some stations. >> breaking news in san jose where police are investigating two separate officer-involved shootings, the first happened in east san jose and police say a robbery suspect tried to run over an officer with the car and the second shooting handed at lincoln avenue where an for shot at another robbery sus
continue now on-line and on twitter and facebook. see you in 25 minutes. >>> good morning, america. breaking overnight. the president's tough words for syrian leader, bashar al assad, as u.n. inspectors prepare to leave syria, american warships move into position. the entire middle east bracing for an attack. and we're live from the region. >>> i wish to god these circumstances had been different. >> an abc news exclusive interview with george zimmerman's wife, speaking out for the first time about the night trayvon martin was shot. and the terrifying months in hiding with her husband. >>> breaking overnight. explosive allegations about nfl star aaron hernandez. was he using angel dust and carrying a gun at all times? now, big questions about how much patriots coach bill belichick really knew about his player's behavior.
on twitter, facebook >>> good morning, america. breaking now, brand-new fires burst across the west. erratic winds, spreading new firestorms from oregon to california right now. the dry, hot weather and lightning making it fierce on the fire lines. >>> the vice president's son, beau biden hospitalized after an alarming finding on a family vacation. a growing medical mystery for the rising political star. and bad, joe biden, by his side this morning. >>> real-life drama for dick van dyke. his car explodes into a fireball, seconds after he escapes thanks to a good samaritan. his thoughts this morning after he narrowly escaped. >> he yanked me out of the car.
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